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Donnerstag, 28. Okt 2010

John Cage. about silence

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http://sgvxdwk.comRaynes schrieb am 11.10.13, 14:09
My apartment is on the first floor of my building, close enough to the door that whenever someone goes in and out, I hear “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! (repeat 15 times)”. The first couple of months I lived here, it drove me crazy. I tried stuffing towels under my door, playing music loudly all the time, and eventually, I gave up. I could not defeat the beeping door, and I resigned myself to the fact that it would be beeping at me for the next 10 months.At this point, I expected the door to become my worst enemy. “BEEP!”, it would yell at me, “BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!”. I could plead with it and beg it to stop, but it wouldn’t no matter how much I tried. I feared for my own sanity.Then, a weird thing happened. I was playing guitar on my couch, and I happened to hit an E major chord right as someone entered the building. The beep, as it turned out, was on the pitch of a B. It fit right into the chord, accentuating the 5th. I decided to work with it.That night, I composed “The ^&(%ing Door Song”, which I now sing to myself whenever the door beeps. I won’t go into the lyrics here (there are some expletives), but the song began to serve as the perfect deflection for the madness the beeping had caused me. Whenever I hear the door, I sing the song, and if I’m holding an instrument, I accompany the door. When it stops beeping, I hit an E7 chord. Every time, it sounds like I just finished a 20-second blues jam.I found that it is possible to trick yourself into enjoying something you hate by incorporating it into something you enjoy. I have tried to use this strategy in life whenever possible, and it doesn’t always work. It has helped me enjoy long waits for the subway, fits of allergic sneezing, and listening to John Sterling and Susan Waldmyn call Yankee games on the radio. Figuring out a way to make an ugly thing beautiful is a fun mind experiment, and can help keep you from losing your sanity. http://www.getautoinsur.net/ http://www.findmbaonline.com/ http://www.edtabsprices.com/
http://qhwtpxg.comTish schrieb am 15.10.13, 11:30
Cristina mi ha rubato le parole di bocca! Nonostante alcuni film degni di nota, come Stregata dalla luna, The Family Man e Via da Las Vegas, Nicholas Cage non mi è mai piaciuto, né come attore né tanto meno come uomo, ha l’espressione di una triglia ubriaca, e so che non sono la sola a pensarlo! Inoltre, nell’intervista non mi è parso particolarmente brillante e simpatico, quindi… pollice verso!Pollice suISSIMO, invece, per il nuovo connubio Fili-Etro: WOW! Quando sei apparsa, mi è caduto subito l’occhio su quella stupenda collana, mi brillavano gli occhi! La blusa è bellissima, e le scarpe sono un vero colpo d’occhio, le ho viste proprio oggi su D di Repubblica (o meglio, nella foto c’è il dettaglio del tacco)… peccato nasconderle sotto i pantaloni!Ho sempre amato le stampe di Etro, quindi non vedo l’ora di vedere le tue prossime trasformazioni… Baci e sogni d’oro a tutte/i! http://www.tracygracedesigns.com/buy-viagra-online.html http://www.maqdown.com/viagra_online.html
http://jscfcr.comRegina schrieb am 18.10.13, 03:28
Cindi, thanks for the plug! You had me cracking up!It was a very good article, and you did a great job. You were half the article! It was fun for me too. Off to Napa, California tomorrow morning. My wife and I are doing the Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon. She is running it, and of course, I am walking. It should be great. At the finish line, they give all the finishers a commemorative wine glass to sample wines of the region at the Wine Festival immediately following the race.Catch you soon.Larry Smith http://www.windows-phone-news.com/online-schools.html http://www.windows-phone-news.com/online-degree.html
http://mihyxzv.comEssy schrieb am 18.10.13, 12:09
In terms of melodious sound languages (and don’t take this to be racist), but Arabic and Chinese (Madarin or Cantonese or whatever else dialogue) sounds awful to my ears. Arabic I’ve heard described as a language you’d use if you were kicking the snot out of someone else.Chinese is an interesting one. When it’s soft-spoken, it sounds okay. But for some reason, the normal volume of conversation between Chinese people is amped up to insane levels. It drives me insane when I work and I hear Chinese people talking normally, but it sounds like they’re having an outrageous argument. It’s even worse when you speak with them on the phone!(And in case anyone thinks I’m being racist, do a google search on “chinese speak loudly”) http://www.memorialbaptistbeckley.com/prednisone-online http://www.quoteforinsur.com http://www.maqdown.com/viagra.html
http://lrwyeqymvn.comGert schrieb am 24.10.13, 03:24
I can understand that it is hard for a some of you who do not know God, or rather, is not ‘known by God’ to understand how one can say, “Jesus is the reason my life….etc. etc” because you do not have faith, or at least the faith you have is trust in yourselves, which even you know does not work because of your life experiences. The truth is, God, Jesus (God’s Son), the Holy Spirit, the Bible, Creation, the existence of matter, space, time, science, and everything else which exists can be proven by Reason, that its origin comes from God, and Jesus His Son. But I will not go there because many of you will deliberately choose not to believe this and I will be ‘feeding my pearls to the swine’. To make Christianity clear is this: We are all sinners. Those who don’t believe, those who kinda believer, and those who do believe. Without God, there would be no hope for any of us…..you the lost, and we, ‘the chosen’. Folks, I did not choose to become a Christian but God chose me for, ‘There is no one who is good. Not even one.” and “There is NO ONE who seeks after God….all have turned their own way and become worthless” to God. Even I! But because God is completely just in condemning all of us because of rebellion, He too is completely love. If God would not have sent His Son to earth to die for us, ‘while we were still worthless, or sinners’ then God would be a liar in that He would call Himself Love. So God, being complete in everything that he is, because he ‘is not a man that he would have to repent’ sent His Son, or, came Himself to be one of us to understand us because God could not understand us without becoming one of us, ‘was tempted in every way, yet without sin’ and died for the sinner, us. And who is us? Those who will be saved before the end. And I’m sorry that you will not be able to partake in it because of your ‘unbelief’. But Christ died for the Christian’s unbelief, otherwise, he would not have paid the full price. But you remain lost because you are not a ‘chosen race, or priesthood’. Or for now I suppose. Maybe God will prove us wrong and He will change your minds. I’m sorry! http://www.windows-phone-news.com/online-degree.html http://www.windows-phone-news.com/online-degrees.html
http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003448076336Habis schrieb am 30.10.13, 00:43
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